Thursday, June 18, 2009

My contribution to collaboration in the course

It was a big challenge for me to create something to look high-quality real time because this was what I was aiming to learn in this entire course. To start we needed to collect a lot of information for the project we wanted to create in the real environment.

Learning about exporting from different software and specially using 3ds max was a great challenge. Trying different methods to meet our requirements we learned a lot and found different methods. One thing that was very beneficial to learn was exporting and importing from other programs such as 3dsmax, sketch up and other cad programs. The only difficulty we faced was having good textures.

I found this was a very useful process to download modern furnishings made in 3dsmad and exporting them in the Crysis editor environments.
I learned how to investigate and teach myself to use new programs. During this course I learned how to recognize the programs even if I hadn’t used it before.
Everyone one has different unique personality and learning style, and so we need to understand each other’s personality and always think positively about other’s differences.

Working in group I learned a lot from other people, but I found it was very competitive rather than collaborative .Sometimes there was a culture or careless attitude towards my effort. I need to develop strategies to overcome this in future.

This was a major hurdle for all of us making appointments to meet seem to work never to be able to all be together at once. Our communication was disjointed rather than efficient .it took us a number of phone calls to reach desiccations which could have been done simply in one or two meetings.

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